Nordic Solar turns the first sod for the most extensive solar energy connection in Sweden

On Wednesday 24 April, Nordic Solar participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of E.ON Sweden's new transformer substation in Hultsfred.


groundbreaking ceremony new transformer substation Hultsfred

In cooperation with the Municipality of Hultsfred, the energy group E.ON in Sweden invited its partners to celebrate the establishment of the new transformer substation, which will account for the most extensive connection of solar energy plants to the grid in Sweden to date, connecting a total of approx. 200 MWp across three different solar energy projects.

One of the three projects is Nordic Solar's Hultsfred project with a capacity of 92 MWp. Nordic Solar and the other companies whose energy projects will be connected to the Swedish grid via the transformer substation each took a spit for the construction accompanying E.ON, the local authorities as well as the companies, which are responsible for the construction. Nordic Solar's project Hultsfred is planned to be connected to the grid by the end of 2025.

Nordic Solar's largest solar energy project in Sweden

Nordic Solar was delighted to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony, which marks an important step in the rollout of solar energy in the area.

"This is a great day for E.ON and a great day for Nordic Solar because the new transformer substation will be connecting our solar energy project in Hultsfred, our largest project in Sweden so far, to the grid in 2025. We look forward to this and are also pleased to celebrate the considerable extent to which solar energy may be rolled out in the region once the new transformer substation is completed," says Fuat Volkan Cebe, EPC Director of Nordic Solar.

Nordic Solar's project in Hultsfred, which is being developed in collaboration with Swedish solar park developer Helios Energy AB, is the company's largest project in Sweden so far. It has a capacity of 92 MWp and is expected to generate 100 GWh of electricity annually.