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Newly-opened solar park in Højby automatically tracks the sun

On Tuesday, Nordic Solar’s newest solar park was inaugurated by the mayor of Odense.


Højby Solar Park with major of Odense

© Niclas Jessen

Højby Solar Park with major of Odense. Photo: Niclas Jessen

The mayor of Odense, the direction of the sun and biodiversity played key roles when Nordic Solar officially inaugurated its newest solar park at Højby on Funen on Tuesday, 15 August. Højby solar park is Nordic Solar’s first Danish solar park that is established with a tracking system, whereby the solar panels automatically rotate to catch the sun’s rays, thus optimising the energy production.

(The mayor of the Municipality of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel cuts the ribbon and opens Højby solar park officially with Glenn Aagesen, COO of Nordic Solar and Jacob Hänel Christensen, Business Development Director of GreenGo Energy. Photo: Niclas Jessen)

On Tuesday, 15 August, Nordic Solar officially opened its newest solar park in Højby near Odense. Among those present at the inauguration were the mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel, representatives from a number of the companies which will purchase the green energy from Højby solar park, as well as the business partners who have helped develop and establish the solar park, which has been set up with particular focus on both optimisation of energy production and on biodiversity, which will contribute to creating a favourable environment for nature and wildlife around the solar park.

The Municipality of Odense is pleased that the city’s electricity production now becomes even greener

Mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel, who performed the official inauguration ceremony of the solar park, is delighted that Odense’s electricity production is now becoming even greener.

“In Odense, we have committed to having a climate-neutral city by 2030 at the latest. This means that we are one of the most ambitious municipalities when it comes to the green transition, and that’s why I’m very pleased that companies and business partners like Nordic Solar see the point of ​​investing in Odense. The solar park in Højby will supply green power to several Danish companies, and this is even done with an eye for how to organise the interaction with nature and biodiversity.”

A shared vision and cooperation lead the way to the green transition

Also present at the inauguration of Højby solar park, Nordic Solar’s CEO Nikolaj Holtet Hoff greatly appreciates the good partnership between the municipality, the citizens and the business sector, which contributes to strengthening the green transition.

“There is no doubt that a shared vision and a successful partnership between municipalities, citizens, energy companies and the organisations wanting to purchase electricity from renewable energy sources are crucial to the rollout of more green energy in society. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to be able to open Højby solar park together with all those who, through such a partnership, has made it possible to speed up the production of solar energy and supply more Danish companies with power from the solar park,” says Nikolaj Holtet Hoff.

Focus on biodiversity and optimal use of solar rays

In collaboration with biologists from Mols Consulting, the solar park in Højby has been developed with a special focus on biodiversity, which implies that a thick hedge consisting of trees and shrubs will surround the area and create a suitable environment for plants and animals. In addition, Højby solar park stands out by having been built with a tracker system, which means that the solar panels automatically rotate towards the sun’s rays. The tracker system will optimise the solar park’s energy production, says Glenn Aagesen, COO at Nordic Solar:

“We are constantly optimising our solar parks, both in terms of providing the best possible environment for nature and wildlife in and around the solar park, but also by incorporating new technologies and methods to ensure we get as much energy from the sun’s rays as possible. This is the first time that Nordic Solar has used the tracker system technology in a Danish solar park, and we look forward to seeing the results,” says Glenn Aagesen.

Danish companies to purchase energy from Højby solar park

The energy generated by the new solar park will be purchased by a number of Danish companies focusing on the transition to green energy. Agreements for a large part of the energy capacity have thus been entered with Fipros, a Funen-based producer of food and food ingredients, the data centre infrastructure company Fuzion located in Skanderborg and EWII. The retail chain Imerco will also be taking power from the solar park, intending to supply its nationwide network of shops with more green energy.

In addition to the collaboration with Mols Consulting, EWII, Fuzion, Fipros and Imerco, the solar park has been established in cooperation with GreenGo Energy, Our New Energy and EnergiTeam as well as the Danish bank Sparekassen Kronjylland as construction financing partner.

Glenn Aagesen, COO of Nordic Solar, welcomes everyone to the inauguration of Højby solar park

© Niclas Jessen

Glenn Aagesen, COO of Nordic Solar, welcomes everyone to the inauguration of Højby solar park, to which, among others, the mayor of the Municipality of Odense, several business partners and neighbours had been invited. Photo: Niclas Jessen
Lasse Stig Bossen, biologist and consultant at Mols Consulting

© Niclas Jessen

Lasse Stig Bossen, biologist and consultant at Mols Consulting, who has helped develop the biodiversity initiatives implemented in the solar park, talks about the various measures that will contribute to creating a favourable environment for nature and wildlife in the area. Photo: Niclas Jessen