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Power Purchase Agreements

PPAs provide price stability for businesses and contribute to promoting renewable energy.

Nordic Solar develops, constructs, and operates utility-scale solar parks across Europe. A key factor in supporting this expansion of renewable energy in Europe is power purchase agreements (PPA). These agreements offer long-term electricity price stability and benefits for both buyers and Nordic Solar.

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Benefits of a PPA

  • Long-term budget stability
  • Consistent and predictable energy supply
  • Opportunity for your company to contribute to the energy transition

"The great thing about PPAs is that it's a win-win for all. It involves long-term agreements of 10 years or more with fixed electricity prices. Companies entering into PPAs gain control over their electricity costs and make an investment in renewable energy in society. The revenues enable us to expand further and build more solar parks. All of this contributes to reducing the ongoing energy and climate crises and protecting biodiversity, which is a focus for us when constructing new solar parks," says , Holger Bang, Chief Investment Officer at Nordic Solar.

What is a PPA?

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is an agreement between your company and Nordic Solar outlining the purchase of a specific amount of renewable energy at a predetermined price. The typical duration is ten years, but it may vary and be as short a period as one year, but also even longer than ten years. This contrasts with traditional energy markets on which prices may vary considerably.

A power purchase agreement does not require a physical connection between your business and our solar park. Instead, it ensures that the energy your company consumes from the grid matches the energy produced and provided to that grid by our solar park. Essentially, a PPA aligns your energy consumption with our renewable energy production.

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By entering a PPA and buying renewable energy directly from a solar park, companies show the world that they participate in the energy transition.

Claus Hartmann, ,

Director of Trading & PPA på Nordic Solar

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Working With Biodiversity

We actively participate in the design, development and construction processes of our solar parks, which gives us a unique opportunity to adopt a holistic approach to promoting biodiversity in these parks.

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PPAs on Højby solar park

Nordic Solar has entered into power purchase agreements (PPAs) with three companies from Højby solar park near Odense on Funen. The agreements will provide the three companies with green power for periods of 10 to 11 years.

Solar park supplies power to Skjern Paper

Nordic Solar’s solar park on Als will be supplying Skjern Paper with green power. The solar park, which will be ready to deliver 33 MWp of sustainable energy later this year, is in the process of being established.

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss how a PPA may specifically benefit your organisation. Get in touch with Claus Hartmann, Director, Trading & PPA on [email protected] or +45 21 94 87 68.