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  • 2.083

    In development MWp (Q1 2024)

  • 247

    In construction MWp (Q1 2024)

  • 469

    In operation MWp (Q1 2024)

  • 58

    Average development project capacity MWp (Q1 2024)

  • 92

    Largest project under construction MWp

  • 454

    Power production GWh - FY 2023

Geographical Diversification

Nordic Solar has projects in 12 European countries. Geographical diversification of our investments mitigates risks associated with specific country dynamics as well as minimises vulnerability to external factors such as weather. In addition, we contribute to increasing the use of solar power in Europe and support common goals when it comes to the energy transition.

map of countries Nordic Solar has solar parks

Visit solar parks in our portfolio

Come visit some of our solar parks. No two solar parks in our portfolio are identical.

Moletai solar park is located in eastern Lithuania close to Moletai 60 km from Vilnius. The solar park has a production capacity of 100 MWp, which corresponds to the annual consumption of approximately 28,000 European households. With its size and capacity, the solar park is the largest in Lithuania to date and a milestone on Nordic Solar’s growth journey.

Nordic Solar’s own patented sub-structure design will optimise energy production and shorten installation time.

Nordic Solar has designed the solar park, which consists of more than 150,000 solar panels mounted on Nordic Solar’s proprietary sub-structure. The solution is designed to increase energy production from the back of the solar panels, known as bi-facial modules as the construction ensures minimal shade and captures the sun’s energy more efficiently. Nordic Solar has obtained a European patent for the design, which, in addition to the solar park in Lithuania, is also used in our Danish solar park in Lysabild on Als.

Moreover, the solar park has a a focus on combining solar energy production with measures to benefit the plant and animal life in the area in collaboration with local biologists.

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Nordic Solar's Moletai solar park in Lithuania

In August 2023, Nordic Solar officially opened Højby solar park near Odense in Denmark. The solar park has a capacity of 32 MWp and covers an area of 90 hectares. It is Nordic Solar’s first solar park in Denmark established with a tracker system which means that the solar panels automatically rotate towards the Sun’s rays to optimise energy production.

In collaboration with biologists from Mols Consulting, the solar park in Højby has also been developed with a focus on biodiversity, introducing multiple initiatives, for example a thick hedge of trees and shrubs surrounding the area and creating a suitable environment for local plants and animals.

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Solar panels tracker in Højby solar park

Lysabild solar park is located on Als in Southern Jutland and covers an area of 33 hectares, equivalent to almost 50 football fields. The solar park has a capacity of 33 MWp and can generate electricity equivalent to the consumption of 9,000 households. The solar park was built in 2022 and had its official inauguration in January 2023.

In collaboration with Mols Consulting, Lysabild has been developed with a focus on nature restoration in and around the park from the outset. The solar park is established on former agricultural land, which often lacks biodiversity. Therefore, some of the nature restoration measures implemented in the solar park include soil adaptation and selection of plants for hedgerows, providing habitats for various species. In this way, we expect to create a better living environment for the species already present in the area, which we will continuously monitor.

Fixed-tilt substructure has been designed to optimise energy production.

Lysabild solar park has been established with Nordic Solar’s proprietary substructure. The solution is designed to increase energy production from the back of the so-called bifacial solar panels where light is captured from both sides of the panel. The construction ensures reduced mounting time as well as minimal shade and thus captures the Sun’s energy more efficiently. Nordic Solar has obtained a European patent for the design, which, in addition to Lysabild solar park, is also used in our solar park in Moletai, Lithuania, among other places.

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Biodiversity initiative in Lysabild solar park

Lindesberg solar park is the first solar park in Sweden that Nordic Solar is constructing. The new solar park in Lindesberg has a capacity of 22 MWp, which corresponds to the annual energy consumption of approx. 7,000 European households.

Nordic Solar plans to build solar parks with a total capacity of more than 500 MWp in Sweden based on both the cooperation with the Swedish development partner Helios Nordic Energy AB and our own project development. Being part of Nordic Solar’s development project portfolio for the next few years, the cooperation projects with Helios Nordic Energy AB alone account for a total capacity of approx. 270 MWp. With the company’s plans to expand into the Swedish market, the construction of the Lindesberg solar park marks the beginning of a stronger presence and increased energy production in southern Sweden.

More than 31,000 solar panels will be installed in the new Swedish solar park, which occupies 44 hectares. The solar park will be established with a tracker system allowing the panels to follow the movement of the sun, which helps optimise energy production.

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Nordic Solar has started the construction of a solar park in Spain, which is expected to be connected to the grid in the third quarter of 2024. The new solar park, which is located in the centre of the country near Segovia approx. 100 km north of Madrid, will have a production capacity of 53 MWp. This will supply 28,000 European households with electricity annually. Nordic Solar has participated in the development and is constructing the solar park in collaboration with the Spanish development partner and turnkey contractor Elecnor.

The technology used in the solar park is a tracker system, which follows the movement of the sun during the day, optimising energy production.e

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