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Solar Energy is Our Business

Climate change and the increasing need for clean energy in society are everyone’s business. The energy transition is more important than ever. At Nordic Solar, we have made it our business to add more renewable energy to the energy system. We develop, construct and operate utility-scale solar parks in European growth markets. We also divest assets to make new investments in solar energy solutions.

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Our Value Chain from Greenfield to Grid

We have high ambitions when it comes to accelerating the production of solar power. And we are ambitious about how we do it. We aim to be among the leading solar energy companies in the Nordics operating across the full value chain. This is where the sun, people and energy together make an impact. We have built a strong organisation with in-house expertise and experience in managing every step on the way from securing land rights and permits over engineering, procurement and construction to the sale of power.

  • We develop solar energy projects

    Our value chain starts with selecting and developing solar project opportunities. We secure project rights and develop solar park projects from various stages: greenfield development, co-development or ready-to-build projects. Our strategy is focused on investment in development projects where we manage and control the development process and quality.

  • We design and construct solar parks

    A vital part of our business is construction of our development projects. We construct solar parks to fully operational stage by overseeing all engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) activities typically within a period of 6 to 18 months. This is an important part of our value creation because it allows us to design solar parks for optimal energy production and control sourcing. During construction, we also secure financing of the projects and enter into power purchase agreements (PPAs), offering individual businesses the opportunity to support the energy transition by buying electricity at a fixed price and adding even more renewable energy to the grid.

  • We operate utility-scale solar parks

    We operate and maintain solar parks. Production of solar power no doubt constitutes the core of our business when it comes to value creation. Through sale of power, we can invest in more solar energy projects and boost the transition to renewable energy sources. Adding solar energy to the grid and the everyday consumption of energy in society also requires optimal production of power. To ensure this, we have our own experienced in-house asset management organisation, comprising commercial, analytical and operational asset management.

    We continuously monitor electricity production, conduct maintenance and utilise our proprietary monitoring system for performance analysis. We do this to provide optimal, efficient and safe operations. And to optimise energy production.

  • We create value by divesting operational solar parks

    One of the ways we create value and add even more renewable energy to the electricity grid is by divesting our operational solar parks. Either in part or in full. Divestment of solar parks is part of our value creation and ensures recirculation of capital for new investments in development and construction projects. This is an important part of our strategy of growing a world-class pipeline of projects, which we can convert into powerful solar energy solutions.

How We Create Value Expanding Solar Power

Our Strategic Focus

Our strategy is focused on solar solutions, according to which production of solar power and storage in the shape of co-located batteries will deliver more renewable energy to the electricity grid.

As part of our commitment to profitable development, we will increasingly focus on our own greenfield projects, developing, constructing and operating utility-scale solar parks. We are also increasingly focusing on adding batteries to our business. A crucial component that will increase the profitability of our solar park portfolio and improve our competitiveness.

Another important part of our strategy is integrating responsibility into our business across the organisation and striving to become even more sustainable in what we do every day. We want to make a positive impact as we work towards changing the energy system and adding more solar energy together with business partners and contractors, local communities, investors, authorities and our employees.

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Solar Energy

Solar Energy and The Energy Transition

Solar energy stands as the fastest growing power technology by capacity additions in recent years, and investment in solar power is expected to continue growing in the coming years due to ambitious government targets, policy support and increasing competitiveness. At Nordic Solar, we specialise in the development, construction and operation of utility-scale solar parks across Europe through collective investment in advancing the energy transition towards a more sustainable future.

Our Business

Our Solar Park Portfolio

Our core expertise lies in the development, construction, and operation of utility-scale solar parks. We currently operate solar parks across Europe and our portfolio is ever expanding.

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