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Investors at Nordic Solar


Across our Investor Relations section, you will find financial reports, have access to recorded webinars and our financial calendar and see information on who to contact at Nordic Solar. In that respect, we seek an active and transparent dialogue with all financial market participants.

Nordic Solar’s financial communications and other investor relations activities aim to ensure that relevant, accurate and timely information is made available.

Reports & Presentations

Access our published annual and quarterly reports, as well as investor presentations and in-depth webinars with Management presenting financial results and portfolio developments.

Financial Outlook and Targets

  • 57-69

    Outlook: EURm Revenue FY 2024

  • 36-48

    Outlook: EURm EBITDA FY 2024

  • >65%

    Revenue secured via contracts

Key Financial Figures

  • 7,6

    EURm Revenue Q1 2024

  • 3

    EURm EBITDA Q1 2024

  • 58.9

    EURm Revenue FY 2023

  • 32.8

    EURm EBITDA FY 2023

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Shareholder Portal

Shareholders of Nordic Solar can access additional information provided by the company, find current shareholdings and sign up for general meetings.

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Our Business

Key Portfolio Figures

  • 2.083

    In development MWp (Q1 2024)

  • 247

    In construction MWp (Q1 2024)

  • 469

    In operation MWp (Q1 2024)

  • 58

    Average development project capacity MWp - Q1 2024

  • 92

    Largest project under construction MWp

  • 61.5

    Power production GWh - Q1 2024


Contact Investor Relations

We aim at ensuring that shareholders can gain a thorough understanding of the company and its ongoing development. Reach out to our investor contact if you have questions or need information.

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