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A Sunny Beginning

In just 90 minutes, enough sunlight reaches the earth's surface to provide sufficient energy to meet the global energy demand for an entire year. Yet, solar energy only counts for a fraction of the world’s total energy production. We are committed to changing that.

A Sunny Beginning in the Nordics

A single solar project in Germany sparked the attention of Nordic Solar’s founder and CEO, Nikolaj Holtet Hoff, and an ambitious journey had begun. Together with a handful of visionary investors and backed by a strong business case, we chose to pursue the project.

Nordic Solar was established in 2010. Renewable energy was on the rise and the business took off on a mission towards making everyone benefit from solar energy.

“We had a look at the project and thought solar power was super exciting, but the industry was very immature and heavily subsidised. With wind energy being so dominant, especially in Denmark, the agenda was certainly challenging,” says Nikolaj.

In 2011, we increased the portfolio by a second investment, this time in Spain. We were still a start-up company but driven to confront challenges head-on and focus our efforts on attracting further investors and to scale the business.

Solar park

The Journey Continues

As the years unfolded towards 2016, we experienced rapid growth in the number of projects, shareholders and employees. The journey was not only about financial success; it also became a transformation from an investment company to a fully integrated energy company.

Strategic efforts focused on scalability and expanding the business model more into the development side of the solar business.

In 2018, Nordic Solar established the development company Nordic Solar Global, embracing a broader perspective to advance solar projects. In 2021, our three Nordic Solar companies, Nordic Solar Energy, Nordic Solar Global and Nordic Solar Management, merged into one unified entity, thus creating a strong platform for further growth within the solar energy business.

By September 2023, Nordic Solar's employee count had surged from just two in 2012 to over 100, marking not only the growth of the company but also a strategic step forward as we construct more solar parks, covering the full value chain from bare field to renewable energy production for the benefit of people and companies.

Our ambitious journey continues, powered by the abundant energy from the sun and our skilled and dedicated employees.

CEO in front of solar panels
Nordic Solar maintains a fast pace, and our driving ambition is to progress rapidly in Europe. Renewable energy is in great demand, and we are on a mission to accelerate the energy transition.

Nikolaj Holtet Hoff,

CEO and founder


Board of Directors and Management

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