An energy company owned by private investors

We own solar power stations in Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, England, France, and Portugal, and the portfolio is continually expanded through investments across Europe. The investment strategy is conservative, and a professional board elected by the investors ensures the best return possible.

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Green energy for 9,300 households in 2017

In 2017, Nordic Solar Energy produced 32,544 MWh of sustainable energy, equivalent to the annual consumption of approx. 9,300 households, or 16,345 tons of CO2. Each year an account of each shareholders share of this sustainable energy production is established.

Nordic Solar Energy owns and operates Solar parks in Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, England, France and Portugal. The portfolio is expanded continually within the EU
The target is a return to investors of minimum 6% a year – the current return is approx. 6.8%
The company is continuously open to influx of new shareholder capital from old and new investors
The investment policy is conservative and the risk is kept low
New shareholders have the right to vote and can be elected for the Board of Directors on equal terms with existing investors
The company is founded in 2010 by a group of investors that wish to invest in the attractive possibilities that exist in solar energy
New capital is applied to new investments – the portfolio thereby achieves a greater and greater spread on risk each year
Dividend history


Fair Value pr. share since Jan. 2012

Vision, mission and strategy

Nordic Solar Energy wishes to create a public share in solar energy.

Germany, Zerre V solar park
Spain, Beniarbeig solar park
Italy, Pellegrino solar park
Belgium, Flandern solar park
England, Folly Farm solar park
France, Montmayon solar park
Italy, Chignolo Po solar park
Portugal, Trofa solar park
Belgium, Orka solar park


Invest in Nordic Solar Energy

  • High stable return and continuous dividend

  • Hedging of risk in the portfolio

  • No developer-risk

  • Solid group of shareholder

  • Conservative budgeting

  • Liquidity in shares

  • Future IPO

  • Founder and executive invests own means


The Board

The board is tasked with sparring with the executive management, and ensuring the follow through of the investment policy of the company. As representatives of the stockholders, the board ensures that all investment decisions follow the investment policy. The executive management can thereby not make investments without prior assessment and approval by the board. The board is chosen annually at the general assembly.

Ejvind Sandal
Ejvind SandalChairman
Entrusted positions
Marinus Boogert
Marinus BoogertDeputy Chairman
Entrusted Positions
Per Thrane
Per ThraneBoard Member
Entrusted Positions
Frank Schyberg
Frank Schyberg Board Member
Entrusted Positions
Iben Mai Winsløw
Iben Mai WinsløwBoard Member
Entrusted Positions



The company is owned by a broad circle of Danish as well as foreign investors and foundations. New investors subscribe for shares in Nordic Solar Energy A/S, which is a Danish corporation, on equal footing with existing investors.


Per Thrane (Thrane & Thrane)
Den faberske fond (Ejvind Sandal)
Allan Feldt (Aqua D’or)
Kenneth Ramstrup (Tidl. Pandora)
Eigild Bødker Christensen (Color Print)
Michael Moesgaard Andersen
Andreas Kjærgaard (Hjerting Laks)
Fam. Rosenkilde (Ikast Beton)
Frederik Heegaard (Novasol)
IMK Fond
Erik Juhler
Jan Overgaard (Persano)
Jesper Aggerholm
Frank Schyberg
Marinus Boogert
Familien Aagaard (Troldekugler)
Christian Hoff
Johan Langgassner
Nikolaj Hoff
Anders Søgaard-Jensen


Per Thrane Holding
AHF Holding
Feldt Holding

Andersen Advisory Group
AWK Holding
Lima Holding
Furesøen Holding
Imk Almene Fond og Imk Erhvervsstøttefond
Juhler Holding
Pif Holding
Jobconsulting Holding
Focus Holding
Zen Capital
Lille Fix Holding
LL Multi Asset & LL Premium Option Fund

Investors invest

Company Funds
Free Funds

NSE Management

Daily operations and development of the portfolio is performed by NSE Management.

Nikolaj Hoff
Nikolaj HoffManaging Director
Tlf.: (+45) 20 31 61 30

Professional experience
Entrusted Positions
Anders Søgaard-Jensen
Anders Søgaard-JensenSales Director
Tlf.: (+45) 20 66 86 18

Professional experience
Maria Lønborg-Andersen
Maria Lønborg-AndersenChief Financial Officer
Tlf.: (+45) 60 12 61 17

Professional experience
Holger Bang
Holger BangInvestment Director
Tlf.: (+45) 30 38 10 71

Professional experience
Frederik Villiam Hoff
Frederik Villiam HoffInvestment Manager
Tlf.: (+45) 61 46 99 91

Professional experience
Jan Guštinčič
Jan GuštinčičTechnical Manager
Tlf.: (+45) 27 10 30 18

Professional experience
Anette Engstrøm
Anette EngstrømChief Accountant
Tlf.: (+45) 27 87 14 45

Professional experience

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